10x simple frizzy hair tips!

Have you ever had it with your frizzy or curly hair? Do you find frizzy hair difficult to deal with and you don't know what to do anymore? We are of course happy to help you. Because with the right knowledge, treatment methods and products, taking care of your hair becomes a party again. With these 10 simple frizzy hair tips you will get there:

1. Moisturize your curls before combing them out
Combing the hair dry can cause painful scenes and a lot of hair loss. But it can all be much simpler and really painless. You should comb frizzy and curly hair when it is sufficiently hydrated. The right time to do that is right after a wash. Is the hair already dry? Then use a water spray to moisten the hair or use a leave-in conditioner. Don't forget that a comb with wide teeth makes combing out easier. The Tangle Teezer is also ideal for combing frizzy and curly hair. Start at the tips and work your way to the root.

2. Remember the moisture & seal technique
Frizzy hair is naturally dry. Taking care of frizzy hair is therefore always about moisturizing the hair and maintaining hydration by sealing it with a hair oil or hair butter. Therefore, make sure you have good moisturizers, hair oils and hair butters at home.

3. Wear the hair in a protective hairstyle every now and then
Protective hairstyles are all hairstyles that protect the hair against external influences. It offers your own hair some 'rest'. Examples of protective hairstyles are weaves, fake braids, buns and wearing headscarves.

4. Give the hair ends extra attention
A common problem with frizzy hair is dry hair ends. Healthy hair ends are less likely to result in split ends and ensure that hair length is maintained. During moisturizing and sealing it is therefore important to focus extra on the ends of the hair.

5. Always sleep with a satin headscarf or on a satin pillowcase
It may not be very sexy, but it is certainly good for the hair: sleeping with a headscarf, preferably a satin one. There are two main reasons why sleeping with a headscarf is a must . The first is that most people sleep on a cotton pillowcase. Cotton sucks all the moisture out of the hair. The result is drier hair and dry hair breaks faster. The second reason is the chafing of the hair against the pillow and/or mattress. Everyone turns and moves in their sleep. Also with the head. This causes the hair to rub against the cushion and it can break. So a satin headscarf is best. Don't you like sleeping with a satin headscarf? Then look for a satin pillowcase!

6. Try to use natural products as much as possible
Natural products are becoming more and more popular. Logical too, because these products time and again prove the benefits for frizzy and curly hair. Products with natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera are popular. Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer for frizzy and curly hair. It absorbs quickly and makes the hair soft. Coconut oil is slightly lighter than shea butter. It prevents hair from drying out, helps to maintain natural hair elasticity and prevents hair breakage. And aloe vera is often used to stimulate hair growth. It balances the pH value of your hair and retains moisture.

7. Clean your hair well
Products that are lubricated into the hair can eventually cause 'build up'. The products remain in the hair, sticking to the hair strands. You will probably also notice that after a while your hair starts to hang limp and no longer looks good. Therefore, wash your hair weekly or every two weeks.

8. Deep condition the hair at least once every two weeks
With normal use of a conditioner, a 'protective layer' is created around the hair. Deep conditioning strengthens and moisturizes the hair. This is ideal for frizzy hair. Extra dry hair can even use a weekly deep conditioner. You always leave a deep conditioner in the hair for a few extra minutes before you wash it out. You can also choose to sit under the hood dryer with the conditioner in the hair. The heat opens your hair cuticles and allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair. Make sure you then wash your hair with lukewarm / cold water to close the hair cuticles. Do you work according to the Curly Girl Method? Then - depending on your hair type - you don't have to wash all the conditioner out of the hair.

9. Use as few products as possible that can dry out your hair
Products with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate(SLS) and Ammonium Lauryl sulphate(ALS) are best avoided. Have you used products with these ingredients? Then use a good cleansing shampoo. Such a shampoo ensures that all products are removed from the hair. You start with clean hair and a clean scalp.

10. Try to come up with heat-free hairstyles
It's so easy to grab the tongs and the hair dryer to, for example, make nicer curls or straighter hair. Fortunately, a heat source is not always necessary to create these types of hairstyles. Would you like a blow-out look? This can also be done by stretching the hair with braids. Beautiful curls can also be achieved with a twist-out, braid-out or with bantu knots.