How to take care of frizzy and curly hair!

Forget the long-lasting twist outs, the tuft by tuft defining of curls and complicated methods with extra hair products. We're going back to basics! You don't need much for beautiful frizzy and curly hair. And yet, frizzy and curly shines with a little extra love. That doesn't mean caring for it has to be complicated. If you know which techniques and products to use, taking care of frizzy and curly hair is a piece of cake.

Clean hair is healthy hair. Washing away dirt, residues of hair products and dead skin cells, without removing the natural hair oil? With a good cleaning method you can do that perfectly! Depending on the condition of your hair, use a clarifying shampoo if the hair is very dirty. TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Deep Cleanse shampoo cleans the hair, but does not dry it out. Choose a Cleansing Conditioner if a mild cleanse is sufficient. DevaCurl No-Poo Original Zero Lather Cleansing Conditioner cleanses the hair, while at the same time providing soft and defined curls.

Conditioning & Moisturizing
Using a conditioner on frizzy and curly hair has so many benefits: hydration, easy to comb and frizz-free hair. It is therefore an indispensable step in the basic hair care of this hair type. In any case, use:

  • A deep conditioner . An absolute must if your hair is damaged. Damage to the hair can be caused by, for example, using too much heat. A deep conditioner is often left in the hair a little longer. Possibly with the addition of a heat source (under the hood dryer), so that the conditioner penetrates deep into the hair. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment weekly, until the hair is in good condition again. From then on, it can be tracked every two or four weeks.
  • A leave-in conditioner . The best leave-in conditioner is one that moisturizes the hair all day long, makes the hair combable and makes the curls shine. Because frizzy and curly hair tends to dry out quickly, it is important that you choose a water-based leave-in conditioner.
  • A moisturiser . Moisturizers are intense, creamy, thick lotions. Especially thick and coarse hair can benefit from this. If you have thin and fine curls, you will probably need a water-based leave-in conditioner.

The last step in basic hair care for frizzy and curly hair is to seal the hair with a hair butter or oil. Oils retain moisture and can strengthen hair. Design Essentials Botanical Oils Hair Moisturizer contains a mix of natural oils combined with, among other things, giseng and rosemary. It restores the natural moisture balance and makes the hair shine beautifully.

If you have damaged or extremely dry hair, you can opt for a hair butter. Shea butter is one of the most famous hair butters. It is a very heavy butter that works wonders for damaged and brittle hair. An absolute must-have to enhance curls to perfection. There are of course many more hair butters, such as mango butter and cocoa butter.

You can also mix oils and butters together. As I Am Doublebutter Cream is a mix of different hair butters supplemented with oils, such as castor oil and jojoba oil. The best of both worlds!

That was easy!
There is no such thing as 'difficult' or 'unmanageable' hair. Learn about the different curl types, determine the condition of your hair and then decide which techniques and products you will use. With knowledge about the basic care of frizzy and curly hair, this is very easy.