Cut curls with these 3 cutting techniques

Too short, not in the right shape or cut unevenly. Unfortunately, many women with frizz and curly hair are not eager for a haircut at the hairdresser. Putting the scissors in the hair yourself seems to be the only solution. But not ideal, because nothing beats a professional haircut, right? In recent years, various cutting techniques have been developed, which can also be booked at (curl) hairdressers. We discuss three:

Let's start with the best known and most popular cutting technique: the Devacut. The Devacut was developed by Lorraine Massey. She owns Devachan Salons in America and also wrote the famous book Curly Girl Method.

The Devacut is performed on dry, moisturized hair. Because no one curl type is the same, the hair is cut curl by curl. This is important, because you can also have multiple curl types. The stronger your curl, the more the hair shrinks. By cutting it dry and curl by curl, your stylist can make a better estimate of the length that will be taken off. In this way, one of your biggest fears easily disappears: that your hair is cut too short. A well-executed Devacut ensures manageable hair and defined curls. No wonder there are so many fans of this cutting technique.

The Ouidad Carve & Slice Technique
In 1984, Ouidad was the first in New York to start a hair salon that focused only on customers with curly hair. Today, Ouidad is also known for their extensive line of hair products for frizzy and curly hair. Their cutting technique was developed in the salon.

Unlike the Devacut, the Ouidad Carve & Slice technique is performed on damp hair. Ouidad believes that damp hair makes it easier to recognize the natural curl pattern. This allows a hair stylist to cut the hair better. During the cutting process, a section of hair is grabbed and shaken to reveal the natural curl pattern. The hair is cut in layers at an angle.

And then there is also the Rezocut. This was devised by curl expert Nubia Suarez, who has worked for years with the previously mentioned Devacut and Carve & Slice technique from Ouidad. She believes that these techniques are not suitable for every curl type. That is why she developed a cutting technique that – according to her – is.

The Rezocut creates a shape that not only works for your facial structure, but allows you to maintain the length (if you wish). Your curls are cut in a straight line with the Rezocut. This way you can wear the hair both curly and straight, something that is often not possible with a Devacut.

With the Rezocut you keep the length (if desired), a beautiful shape is cut and your hair gets more volume.