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Put the shampoo in the trash, stay far away from heat tools and according to the Curly Girl Method you are already taking a big step towards healthy, frizzy and curly hair. The Curly Girl Method is one of the best known hair care routines for curly hair. This method is described in the book Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey, also the founder of Devachan salons and DevaCurl hair products. The book is the holy grail for many women who would like to get their frizzy or curly hair healthy, strong and beautiful again. These are the golden rules:

1. No poo shampoo
Sulfates are a no-go. Shampoos are cleaning agents and contain sulfates (SLS, ALS) to cleanse and degrease the hair. Unfortunately, in many cases it can also mean that the shampoo washes away the natural oil from the hair, causing the hair to dry out. Curly hair has the property of being dry. By washing with sulfates you make the hair even drier. Replace the sulfate shampoo with a shampoo with mild sulfates or no sulfates. You will notice that a sulfate-free shampoo does not lather. Still, it is important to make the same rubbing motion when washing with such a shampoo. This helps to get the hair clean.

Your curl type determines how often your hair should be washed. Curl type 2 is best to wash the hair every 7 days. Curl type 3 every 10 days and for type 4 it should be washed as little as possible with shampoo. It is best to wash this hair type with a co-wash (conditioner wash).

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2. Conditioner
An important step in the care of frizzy and curly hair is the conditioner! Make sure the hair has enough conditioner. Use your fingers to "comb through" the hair or use a wide-toothed comb. Devachan Salon New York City Senior Stylist Taylor Tugman says, “I prefer using my fingers over a comb. Using your fingers is much more intuitive. You deal more consciously with knots in the hair and are less likely to pull through them. This prevents hair breakage. With your fingers you will also be able to massage the moisture into the hair more easily.” *

Normally you would rinse out the conditioner, but the Curly Girl Method advises something different for each curl type:
Type 2 (wavy hair): Rinse a large amount of conditioner from the hair. Leave a small part in the hair without weighing it down.
Type 3 (curly hair): This hair type has the option of rinsing out the conditioner completely or leaving it in.
Type 4 (frizzy hair): Use a deep conditioner! This means that you leave the conditioner in the hair a little longer before rinsing out part of it.

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3. Styling
Dry your hair with a microfiber cloth. This one is mild for frizzy and curly hair. Use a good leave-in conditioner and possibly a hair butter, an oil or a gel to style the hair. The way the hair is styled again depends on the curl type:

Type 2: Use a microfiber cloth or your hand to scrunch more curls into your hair. A mousse helps with this. Then let it air dry

Type 3: Apply a styling product such as a curl defining cream or gel to damp hair and let it air dry

Type 4: Provide sufficient moisture (hydration), such as a leave-in conditioner, hair butter and hair oil. Follow up with a gel if necessary. You can also braid or twist the hair. When it's dry, you can loosen the braids/twists to create beautiful defined curls.

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Curly Girl Proof?
Are you going to get started with the Curly Girl Method? Then you will have to go through the ingredient lists of the products you work with. *


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Other ingredients to avoid are:

  • Waxes: beeswax, candili wax
  • petroleum
  • Mineral oil

*Source: Byrdie.com & thecuriousjalebi.com